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Focus on U-based perpetual contracts

Trade conveniently using USDT as the pricing unit
High-quality service
Switch position mode and leverage anytime
Benchmark index, immune to front-running
Easier hedging and risk management

Why Choose Future

As a leading global cryptocurrency futures contract trading platform, Future brings together top talents in financial technology and blockchain to provide you with a comprehensive, secure, and convenient trading experience.
  • Rich

    Support a variety of cryptocurrency contract trading, including BTC, ETH, LTC, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies, covering your diverse investment needs.

  • Efficient

    Future independently developed a trading engine with high performance and high concurrency processing capabilities, providing you with millisecond-level matching experience, ensuring a smooth trading experience in high-speed markets.

  • User-friendly

    The user interface is simple and intuitive, easy to use, suitable for users of all kinds. We provide various trading tools and chart analysis to help you easily grasp market dynamics and make wise investment decisions.

Rich trading data, focus on trading itself